Custom Glass and Custom Showers


Norm West – Blue Sky Glass Works

DSCN0854If mirrors are the reflection of more than just an image, then the glass and mirror work created by Norm West of Blue Sky Glass Works are the reflection of endless creativity and imagination.  In Norm’s Hamilton studio , he creates an array of specialized glass works ranging from sandblasted & etched glass and custom furniture pieces to architectural glass pieces for shower enclosures, door inserts, walls or stairways.  Specializing in custom work, Norm takes a great deal of pleasure working with individual clients to design something that reflects both their tastes and requirements.

Since beginning his work in glass in 1976, Norm has created a wide variety of artistic pieces such as fused glass, layered glass and mirrored panels with hand-painted surfaces, glass walls and furniture and custom etched art work.  His work may be seen in some of the most prestigious private homes in Ontario, as well as at numerous commercial sites.

Always ready to embark on a new challenge, Norm is constantly looking for a new way to use and manipulate glass and a new place to use it in a residential, commercial, or artistic venue.  Clients of Blue Sky Glass Works can be assured that not only will their glass needs be met, but that Norm will do his utmost to ensure that the reflective and expressive works he creates will be enjoyed for years to come.

Norm West and Blue Sky Glass Works have been making a statement in glass for almost 30 years.  Let Blue Sky Glass make a statement in your space.